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Our people

We asked our employees their opinion on what makes Perfetti
Van Melle irresistibly interesting to them. Read on to know what
they had to say

I relish the freedom and empowerment that I get in my work everyday.

The extent of independence the we enjoy at the local level while still having a larger global perspective is unparalleled. We drive results through speed and flexibility.

My roles in PVM Bangladesh and India have helped me learn more about all aspects of the business and become a well rounded person and professional. It has also helped to further build my entrepreneurial skills.

I am enjoying working with a great bunch of people and creating lasting impact.


PVM culture allows mutual support, promotes trust and ensures that members know their work is significant.

I remember with pleasure an almost retired employee passing on his knowledge to me like a legacy to be preserved.

PVM has granted me the possibility to express myself and to use my freed potential for the good of the company.


PVM India is transparent, has an open culture and respect for individuals. The empowering & supportive culture provides you opportunities to work independently & showcase your talent.

Good performance is rewarded with internal & global opportunities. We are driven by success and are constantly innovating to drive efficiency & competitive results.

An ideal employee at PVMI is one who is innovative, adaptive, a team player and has the ability to take risks. I would like to invite you to unwrap your potential and explore the opportunity of working with a world- class organization.


PVM India’s market leadership in the confectionery category & it’s vast distribution played a big role in my decision to join the organization in 2015.

The journey for me has been interesting & innovative as I have been able to make an impact. PVMI challenges your ability to experiment & grow in a fast-paced environment. Perfetti’s global presence is felt significantly with key projects being run across countries. My own perspectives have expanded with the opportunity to work on multiple such projects. We are an organization which believes in giving responsibility to professionals who want it and trusts them with resources to move ahead. The belief of ‘can-do’ is a strong driver, which leads to each professional putting in their best.


15 years’ ago, I started my career with PVM as an Executive at our Manesar Plant. Currently, I head our Rudrapur Plant. The journey has been exciting with many challenging assignments and growth opportunities. I have been fortunate to work with the best of people in a supportive & empowering environment that nurtures you at every aspect.

The sweet life at PVMI, offers me the flexibility of excelling at work and as an individual as well. I feel extremely proud to witness our Plant performing well and surpassing production benchmarks on an ongoing basis.
I respect the manner in which we (PVMI) trust our stakeholders to deliver, right from employees to vendors, our customers, authorities and the society as a whole.


I joined PVM in 2015 as a Sales Manager in Mumbai. 3 years and 2 roles after, now I am the Branch Sales Manager for Gujarat & MP. PVM India has truly helped me ‘Unwrap my potential’. I see long-term career for myself here. I feel happy to be working with such fun, influential brands that are loved across.
We have excellent systems and processes that help us realize our goals and also to chart new paths. Over the last 3 years, I have learnt at a rapid pace in fast-paced environment which is stimulating. It’s a great place to work and interact with the best minds.


We are a truly global organisation yet having the opportunity to create strong local brands. We create unique products and experiences for our consumers. Our consumer promotions are fun, quirky and create a strong consumer pull. I feel excited and motivated to be a part of this team.


Every day in Perfetti is new and fun as, we face new challenges and create new experiences. The environment to constantly develop and improve influences our professional outcomes a lot !! For me it has had a positive effect on my personal life as well.
I feel excited to be part of continuous innovations that take place in a very enriching environment. The work culture is great !!


I am associated with PVM for 17+ years now. Joining PVM in 2001 was a dream come true. My first designation was “Process Technologist”. The role was challenging but my managers ensured that I learnt everything. I worked in production for 9 years and was elevated to manage few production lines during the tenure. “Providing growth Opportunities” for employees has always been a success mantra for PVM.

In 2009, I was sent to commission a new process line in another Operating country. The best surprise has been my transfer to R&D in 2010. This could have happened only in PVM. It was a completely different role, but the belief of my managers and freedom given allowed me to experiment, gain confidence, over fears and succeed.

I feel proud to be part of PVM. I am expected to make a difference and given a chance to shine everyday !!


The best thing about working for PVM is that your role is just a starting point. You are empowered to shape your role and make it larger than life. The spirit of doing new things, going beyond the obvious to deliver results and the willingness of management to look at new ideas makes it exciting to come to work everyday. We never sit still because we are in an exciting race to outdo our own records. We have the opportunity to learn, unlearn and deliver new solutions through faster decision making every day.



At Perfetti Van Melle, caring for our people is a core value. It is a commitment we take seriously. During these challenging and unprecedented times, caring for our people – our employees,
consumers, customers and partners – becomes more important than ever. We must stay in
touch, albeit virtually, to tell one another how we’re doing, as well as what we’re doing to work
through this ever-evolving novel coronavirus.
Our global teams are working around the clock to ensure the continuity and delivery of our
products to our customers and consumers, while always remaining focused on employee safety.
As this pandemic has continued to evolve, we are constantly evaluating the situation and
adapting our processes and procedures, putting in place even more stringent practices, to
ensure the ongoing safety of our employees and our products.
As new information becomes available daily, we will continue to reassess the situation and
adjust our protocols as necessary. Please know that we are fully committed to the following:

  • Learning more about ways this virus is spreading, and what we can all do to help slow its progression.
  • Working with local and national governments to understand what is happening within each of our 150+ markets and the recommended actions each of those markets requires of us.
  • Making use of advice of specialist partners like Control Risk (pandemic planning) and SOS International (medical advice).
  • Working closely with our retail partners, suppliers, and vendors to do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality products while protecting the well-being of our employees.

Perfetti Van Melle has a history of innovation and a demonstrated track record for consistently delivering high-quality products. That’s exactly what we’ll keep doing throughout the remainder of this pandemic – and long after.
We are grateful for the trust you place in us, and for your ongoing partnership. We are also
grateful for the many people worldwide who are on the front lines – the scientists, medical
practitioners and others – fighting for everyone’s health and well-being. Please don’t hesitate to
reach out to your Perfetti Van Melle business partners with any questions you may have.
Together, we will see our way through this current situation.


Sameer Suneja
Group CEO and Executive Director
Perfetti Van Melle Holding B.V.