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Our brands

Center fresh

A center-filled chewing gum with a splash of minty liquid, for a fresh & cool breath, anytime anywhere!


An umbrella to variety of products with different formulations.

Center fruit

A liquid filled fruit flavoured bubble gum which bursts in your mouth with a splash of delicious flavours..

Big Babol

Big Babol is a soft fruit flavoured bubble gum loved by kids across the country.

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly

A delicious pulpy jelly made with 25% fruit pulp.

Chupa Chups

An iconic international brand now in India. A truly fun brand with innovative range of offerings that are set to redefine the confectionery space.


Genuine qualities in all it's variants have made it a leader in confectionery market.


Known throughout the world as a refreshing chewy dragee.


A triangular shape breath mint that provides immediate and intense freshness, anytime, anywhere.


Chlor-mint candy/gum contains Herbasol with other active ingredients for fresh breath.

Chocoliebe Eclairs Plus

Choco caramel éclairs that delivers a rich chocolaty experience.

Being responsible

We approach everything we do responsibly. It is our responsibility towards our consumers, our employees, community, children, and environment that drives us towards excellence.

Being responsible explained

Being responsible


We want to pleasantly surprise our consumers with new products, new flavours, new packaging and new product concepts that will help them enjoy "sweeter" moments in their lives.

Innovation explained


Our candies are made with sugar and smile, milk and memories. We ensure everything that goes into our products doesn’t just look good, but it is really good. Discover how we make our gums and candies.

Our production explained