Extraordinary taste & freshness

Our brands are enjoyed across the country where our innovation creates unique tastes to match consumer preferences

Center fresh

A center-filled chewing gum with a splash of minty liquid, for a fresh & cool breath, anytime anywhere!


An umbrella to variety of products with different formulations.

Center fruit

A liquid filled fruit flavoured bubble gum which bursts in your mouth with a splash of delicious flavours..

Big Babol

Big Babol is a soft fruit flavoured bubble gum loved by kids across the country.

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly

A delicious pulpy jelly made with 25% fruit pulp.

Chupa Chups

An iconic international brand now in India. A truly fun brand with innovative range of offerings that are set to redefine the confectionery space.


Genuine qualities in all it's variants have made it a leader in confectionery market.


Known throughout the world as a refreshing chewy dragee.


A triangular shape breath mint that provides immediate and intense freshness, anytime, anywhere.


Chlor-mint candy/gum contains Herbasol with other active ingredients for fresh breath.

Chocoliebe Eclairs Plus

Choco caramel ├ęclairs that delivers a rich chocolaty experience.