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For sparkling
smiles and fresh

Happydent is an umbrella to
variety of products with different
formulations that provide fresh

Happydent is available in chewing
gum , functional gum and
proprietary ayurvedic medicine


Happydent White

A coated functional gum (proprietary ayurvedic medicine) for sparkling smiles
About Happydent White

Happydent White Xylit

A coated sugar-free functional gum (proprietary ayurvedic medicine) that contains ‘Xylitol’and ayurvedic active ingredients.
About Happydent White Xylit

Happydent Wave

A coated liquid filled gum with aburst of flavour.
About Happydent Wave

Happydent Complete

A coated sugar-free functional gum that helps reduce risk of tooth decay.
About Happydent Complete