Refreshing people all over the world for over 80 years!

Mentos is an exceptionally fresh offering that comes in a great variety of exciting mint and fruit flavours. It’s attractive round shape combines taste, freshness and functionality.

Mentos Chewy

It’s a refreshing chewy toffee with a crunchy, smooth outside and a chewy inside.
About Mentos Chewy

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

Enjoy the intense freshness of Mentos Pure Fresh Gum with green tea extract, available in a sleek, stylish, convenient pack.
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Mentos Marbels

It’s a colorful and bite sized assorted chewy toffee
About Mentos Marbels

Mentos Chewy

For generations Mentos chewy has been known as a fresh candy/toffee. This roundshaped candy perfectly combines taste and freshness in a single dragee. Mentos chewy is available in 6 exciting flavours – Mint, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cola, Lime’n’lemon!