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taste & passion

Globally we are one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery products.

We create imaginative products and brands that are enjoyed in over 150 countries.

Worldwide presence

About PVM Global

Perfetti was incorporated in 1946 by two Perfetti brothers Ambrogio and Egidio, in a small town called Lainate just outside of Milan. Perfetti S.p.A. acquired Van Melle N.V. in March 2001, which was an important step for the group to strengthen its position in the market, expand the product propositions and increase the dominance across markets.

Globally Perfetti Van Melle sells to over 150 countries worldwide and has a strong workforce of 17.6K employees in 38 operating companies throughout the world.

Our group office


Perfetti Van Melle
Group B.V.

Registered Offices
Stationsplein ZW 997
Tristar 3
1117 CE Schiphol - Oost

T +31 20 795 0999

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At Perfetti Van Melle, caring for our people is a core value. It is a commitment we take seriously. During these challenging and unprecedented times, caring for our people – our employees,
consumers, customers and partners – becomes more important than ever. We must stay in
touch, albeit virtually, to tell one another how we’re doing, as well as what we’re doing to work
through this ever-evolving novel coronavirus.
Our global teams are working around the clock to ensure the continuity and delivery of our
products to our customers and consumers, while always remaining focused on employee safety.
As this pandemic has continued to evolve, we are constantly evaluating the situation and
adapting our processes and procedures, putting in place even more stringent practices, to
ensure the ongoing safety of our employees and our products.
As new information becomes available daily, we will continue to reassess the situation and
adjust our protocols as necessary. Please know that we are fully committed to the following:

  • Learning more about ways this virus is spreading, and what we can all do to help slow its progression.
  • Working with local and national governments to understand what is happening within each of our 150+ markets and the recommended actions each of those markets requires of us.
  • Making use of advice of specialist partners like Control Risk (pandemic planning) and SOS International (medical advice).
  • Working closely with our retail partners, suppliers, and vendors to do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality products while protecting the well-being of our employees.

Perfetti Van Melle has a history of innovation and a demonstrated track record for consistently delivering high-quality products. That’s exactly what we’ll keep doing throughout the remainder of this pandemic – and long after.
We are grateful for the trust you place in us, and for your ongoing partnership. We are also
grateful for the many people worldwide who are on the front lines – the scientists, medical
practitioners and others – fighting for everyone’s health and well-being. Please don’t hesitate to
reach out to your Perfetti Van Melle business partners with any questions you may have.
Together, we will see our way through this current situation.


Sameer Suneja
Group CEO and Executive Director
Perfetti Van Melle Holding B.V.